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Monday 25th of July 2016

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British Simmental Bulls : Breeding Semen and Genetics

Breeding Genetics for British Simmental Bulls and Belted Galloway Cattle

Booth and Bell are breeders, rearers and suppliers of British cattle genetics. We offer our services throughout the UK, Europe and South America. We are based in Kenilworth UK with over 20 years experience in the trade of British cattle genetics.

Native British Cattle

The native British cattle have been historically the most influential of any cattle breeds throughout the world. The beef from British cattle breeds has been recognised for a long time as the best tasting and calves sired from British bulls are amongst the most productive in carcass weight, weight gain and quality of the meat.

Commercial farmers have adopted Artificial insemination (AI) techniques as a profitable and reliable method of beef farming throughout the world. For cost effectiveness and superior results, cattle genetics has become as popular in beef farming today as it has previously been within the dairy industry.

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British Native Cattle Sires and Genetics

Beef Livestock Embryos and Cattle Breeding Semen

Booth and Bell are known worldwide for our British Simmental, Belted Galloway and British Native cattle breeds which we supply throughout the UK, Europe and South America. If you require British Simmental or British Native breeding livestock, sires, semen, genetics females or bulls, Booth and Bell provide the highest quality native British cattle breeding stock.

British Native Cows in Kenilworth and British Cattle Genetics.

The Crackley Herd of British Simmental was established in 1980. The herd consists of 50 breeding cows, which continue to produce a number of good priced bulls and females at national sales and private purchase.

Simmental Cattle Breeding Semen and Sires

British Beef Cattle and Simmental Bulls

Booth and Bell supply genetics and livestock for a variety Native British cattle breeds including Belted Galloway Cattle, Polled British Simmentals and Horned British Simmental breeds.

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